Team Effectiveness

Team Coaching/Training


Following the Sherpa executive coaching process, this is a dynamic leadership development in a group setting. Develop leadership with a proven process, and you will see rapid gains as you manage expectations, create accountability and meet your goals and deadlines.


Communication and Team Effectiveness


Team effectiveness focuses on clarity and understanding about communication and what it takes to create an effective team. In this offering, a team learns the four basic communication styles and how to accommodate each one. The leader then gets to set their expectations around what it will take to create an optimal team.


Content and Delivery


Based on the classic DiSC assessment, this program is taught by leading educators in executive coaching. Attendees learn the four basic communication and work styles, how to recognize them, and what each style needs most. Included is a 15-page assessment for each participant, along with interactive work that drives home a message of inclusiveness.


Marshall Goldsmith, world's top executive coach, says: "The Sherpa Guide has added real clarity to what executive coaching is, and what it will become."



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November 30, 2014

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