"My coaching experience with Ella Clark has changed my life. Ella is a consummate professional. I signed up for Ella's coaching sessions when I landed a position in a new industry. My goals were to improve my communication, listening and leadership skills. We met twice a month for an hour for a set number of weeks. After completing her program, I am more confident, a better communicator in a fast paced business environment and also have the right tools to handle unexpected work conversations. I am truly grateful for Ella's wisdom and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to grow and develop their professional or life skills as a leader and communicator."





“The Clark Group has a thorough understanding of all the necessary aspects of Leadership and has totally transformed the Leadership Team here. As a result of their presence, we are better planners, communicators, visionaries, and executors. It is a holistic Coaching Firm that can take leaders of any organization from where they are and elevate them to a level of excellence.”


Carlos D. Williams, M.A., Senior Pastor 

Orchard Knob Baptist Church

Chattanooga, Tennnessee



"Ella is very talented in designing and delivering training programs.  She recently designed and delivered career transition workshops as well as provided one on one coaching.  Ella’s passionate commitment to her client’s success is her top priority."


Susan Stout



"Ella, I had my first interview this morning and I think it went really well. For the first time ever, I was not nervous at all, and it was because of the workshops that I attended with you! You made it easier and gave me such confidence in myself!  Thank you so much for what you did for all of us! Yes, you are worth every penny of that $300 an hour!  Ella you rock!" 


Linda D Borders

M/S Configuration Management 



"Thank you so much". Ella, "Through you, God has shown his goodness.  You're a blessing!  Coaching others is definitely your calling.

I have been blessed immensely, professionally and personally."


Cynthia Hill-Watson

Executive Coaching Client 

"Ella is a force to be reckoned with! I know that I am not the best customer... She is poised for greatness!"


Sandra Affare

Coaching Client


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The Clark Group, LLC is a dynamic business consulting and coaching services company based in Chattanooga that specializes in making meaningful and consistent connections to deliver highly effective, results-oriented executive coaching, career coaching, outplacement services, and leadership development for organizations and individuals. 

November 30, 2014

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